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Marquee tent is today's cutting edge technology product, the extensive clear-span width is available in from 3m to 50m. With no interior poles, it is designed to give maximum use of interior space for events & parties activity of changeful weather. As well as the bases were often anchored by stakes or weight plates. Losberger, Roder whom is at the forefront of the technology for the moment, but we are China’s factory, we can provide it from 6m to 50m according as the famous MNC quality standard, The range is sub-divided into three main categories:

Small: from 3m – 12m width
Middle: from 15m – 21m width
Big: from 25m - 50m width;

No pillar inside, 100% room is available.
Weatherproof, it is made for events activity of changeful weather.

We have strong technical expertise which can meet various requirements of products designed and we have profound engineers from foreign capital multinational corporation. We would like to offer you competitive price, reliable quality and good deliveries products. If you interest these, please view our available range and detailed specifications.
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