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steel and aluminum   aluminum
model number roof type span width bay width eave height ridge height model number roof type span width bay width eave height ridge height
SA1500/300/570 basic 15m 3m 3m 5.7m AL1500/300/550 basic 15m 5m 3m 5.5m
SA1800/300/720 basic 18m 3m 4m 7.2m AL1800/400/700 basic 18m 5m 4m 7m
            AL2000/400/720 basic 20m 5m 4m 7.2m
            AL2100/400/750 basic 21m 5m 4m 7.5m
-The Middle SERIES is available in 15m, 18m, 20m and 21m widths in any length continuous in 5m bays.
- This series is suitable for many different occasions including trade shows & Expos, sport &sponsorship venues, festivals & fairs or storage tent.
-The modular Pavilion can be simple or extremely sophisticated to match your imagination.
-Ideal for: events, weddings, parties, garden centre, shows, storage, swimming pool cover, stabling, sporting events, arenas, walkways, car showrooms, Garaging, hospital etc.
steel sub-frame Size: 400 m x 350mm x 15mm
The marquee can be erected direct to the ground on steel foot plates by anchor,
or if required, integrated base-plates can be mounted directly to the steel sub-frame system.
Structures are supplied with anchoring stakes, but varying ground conditions may affect anchoring calculations.
System floor
Wooden Modular Flooring on a Steel Sub-frame
wooden floor Size: 1 m x 2.43m x H7cm about 42 kg
The entire floor system can be easily set up on a level and solid sub-frame platform.
Side wall
650g per sqm. PVC material is used as side wall and the panels can be supplied with or without windows.PVC Side walls are fitted into the side upright slot tracks, hang on a top bar and are centre-laced to allow entrance in any wall. (Roof covers are tensioned by elastic rope in slot tracks and hook to the eave purline.)
Other material is available for side wall, such as normal color steel sheet or laminated color steel sheet.
Side wall
panel size: 1.2m(w) ×H (suit to eave height)
Available on all big tent structures, lightweight integrated glass walling system /ABS solid walling system is quick and easy to install. The system works on the basis of four panels per 5m bay. Two-ply membrane panel can substitute glass panel.
Single or double door units is alternative, with a standard height of 2.10m, Header sections are available in glass or with a solid centre section.
Entrance ramp is available.
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